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TETFund - High Impact Interventions

S/N Title Description Year
1 Laboratory Building

Construction of Laboratory Building by Godlina Nig. Ltd. at Okofia Nnewi ETF 2009/10.

2 Foundry Workshop

Foundry Workshop for Faculty of Engineering Awka, by Grochi Elethene (ETF 2009/10).

3 Foundry

Foundry Wing A (ETF) 2007/08

4 Generator House

Generator House for Admin Block ETF 2001/02.

5 Multipurpose Block/Offices

Multipurpose Block/Offices (ETF) 2002 by Chyfon.

6 Laboratory

Laboratory type D by Worker’s Canteen ETF 2002.

7 Laboratory/Office Block

Construction of Laboratory/Office Block by Attic Science Village Awka (ETF) 2009/10).

ETF) 2009/10
8 Female Lavatory

Construction of Female Lavatory by Library Awka Main Campus by Seeminai Engineering Ltd.

9 Male Lavatory

Construction of Male Lavatory @ Science Village, Awka by Sereminai.

10 Classroom/Office Block

Construction of Classroom/Office Block by Servirite.